We’re excited to announce our 2021 National Sweeps Calendar – and it’s bigger than ever! Set yourselves up for maximum revenue and database growth all year long – and you can plan for it NOW!

Join us to find out how to be sure you’re getting the most out of this FREE and invaluable tool. We’ll share proven strategies for selling these promotions, increasing your participation, and growing your database.

Plus, we’ll be announcing two new sweepstakes to our 2021 lineup!

Webinar Details:
  • Date: Thursday, August 6th
  • Time: 1 PM ET
  • Hashtag: #secondstreetlab
Webinar Highlights:
  • Find out all the details around our 2021 National Sweeps lineup
  • Learn how to package, price, and sell your sweeps
  • Discover best practices for maximizing participation
  • Set goals for ideal revenue and database growth
  • Get a sneak peak of the new sweeps coming this year!
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Liz Huff
Director of
Affiliate Success

Julie Foley
Director of
Affiliate Success

Tim D'Avis
Director of
Email Success

Julia Miller
Affiliate Success Coordinator