March is coming up quick, and fans are more excited than ever for the upcoming college basketball tournament! Now is the time to figure out a promotions game plan that will drive more engagement and revenue than ever.

Join us as we discuss specifically how to work with your team to create a successful college hoops bracket campaign that will work even during COVID. Plus, we'll show you how to build a revenue plan and how to secure the right sponsors.
Webinar Details:
  • Date: Thursday, January 21st
  • Time: 1PM ET
  • Hashtag: #secondstreetlab
Webinar Highlights:
  • Learn how to successfully incorporate custom brackets, quizzes, sweeps, polls, and contests into your campaign
  • See how to build the right revenue plan for any market size
  • Get valuable tips on how to secure the right sponsors
  • Hear how others have had success in the past

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Julie Foley
Director of Affiliate Success

Liz Huff
Director of Affiliate Success