As the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis was a celebration of the biggest ideas and innovations of the time, this year’s Second Street Summit promises to be an exposition of the biggest and brightest ideas in the world of promotions.

Monday, June 4th
Time* Session Titles
9:00-9:05am Welcome
9:05-9:35am Opening Keynote
9:35-10:20am An Exposition of New Ideas
10:35-11:05am What Advertisers Want... And How to Deliver It
11:05-11:45pm How to Drive Even More Consumer Revenue
11:45-12:45pm Lunch
12:45-1:30pm Breakout Sessions
How to Build a Killer Promotions Plan that Actually Works Build a Robust Newsletter Strategy in One Month Targeting $100MM: The Powerhouse Story of GateHouse Media
1:35-2:20pm Breakout Sessions
How to Sell Sponsored Campaigns  Leverage Email to Grow your Ratings, Pageviews, Sales, and More Ideas to Inspire from the Top Corporate Promotions Strategists
2:30-3:15pm Breakout Sessions
Rethinking Email: How to Sell It! How to Use Promotions to Enhance Your Marketing Services & Events Strategies Selling Custom Advertiser Solutions that Drive Leads & Database
3:20-4:05pm Breakout Sessions
Creating a Year-Round Ballot Strategy Keeping It Legal: Promotions Law 101 How Promotions Are Bringing Native Advertising Success
4:15-4:45pm Crafting a Juggernaut: How The Hustle Created a 750K+ Subscriber Daily  Newsletter
5:15-7:00pm Party Like It's 1904

*All session times are subject to change

Tuesday, June 5th
Time* Session Titles
7-7:45am Fun Run/Walk
8:45-9am The Spectacle Continues
9-9:40am The Product Talk
9:55-10:25am Breakout Sessions
Add a 13th Month of Revenue with Citywide Ballots Structuring Your Local Market Sales Team How to Grow Your Database by 40% in One Year
10:30-11am Breakout Sessions
Continued: Add a 13th Month of Revenue with Citywide Ballots Leveraging Promotions for Dynamic Storytelling Keys to Marketing Your Promotions The Dos and Don'ts of Creating Campaigns that Work
11:05-11:45am Shifting Your Digital Strategy as the Social Media Landscape Changes
11:45-12pm Finding Inspiration from Innovation
12-1:15pm Lunch on Your Own
1:15-2:30pm Bonus Sessions
How TV is Mastering Success with Promotions How Radio is Mastering Success with Promotions How Print is Mastering Success with Promotions

 *All session times are subject to change

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