In just 30 minutes, we can help you build a promotions calendar for the holiday season with up to $90,000 in revenue potential. Join us for our winter revenue webinar that will share  tons of ideas for contests, quizzes, and ballots for Christmas all the way through Valentine‚Äôs Day.

Webinar Details:
  • Date: Tuesday, August 27th
  • Time: 1 PM ET
  • Hashtag: #secondstreetlab
Webinar Highlights:
  • See case studies and real-life examples of successful winter promotions
  • Find out the best advertisers to target for these months
  • Learn best practices for creating your winter campaigns
  • Get revenue plans to generate $30,000, $60,000, or even $90,000
liz-headshot-2017 julie-foley
Liz Huff Julie Foley
Director of Affillate Success Director of Affillate Success